How Solinta provides you with the most reliable, lowest cost water heating solution.

The Solinta water heating system's primary energy is harvested from Solar PV modules. The solar panels can be a apart of an existing solar system or included into a new system.
The solar array produces DC electricity which is directed to the Solinta hot water. That energy is then converted into a magnetic induction field, the induction field then travels through the steel cylinder which holds the water.
This heats the entire tank and the water rapidly and efficiently. The solar energy continues to heat the water until the temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius. This higher temperature has two advantages. The first is a greater amount of usable hot water (up to 410 Litres) and the second is the system works like a battery storing more than 5 kWh of thermal energy.
After the water reaches maximum temperature the PV solar energy is then diverted to other applications*. This can be back to the central inverter or to a suitable battery system or even a pumping system. This energy diversion system ensures that you get the maximum energy produced by your solar modules and you never waste a watt.
The Solinta hot water also provides an intelligent management control system which allows you to select two time periods that will ensure you have hot water when it is required. The auto boost will start when you water temperature fall to 40 degrees Celsius and a manual boost lets you increase you hot water capacity in times of high hot water loads.  
The Solinta hot water system is versatile and adaptable. It can operate on grid or off grid, in times of blackouts or loss of AC power, the Solinta continues to operate always providing reliable hot water. The Solinta  will operate on Solar DC only as this is its primary source of energy to heat the water.
For a more detailed description on all of the Solinta's features see the features page and also read some of the testimonials that our happy owners have supplied.
AC/DC working Together

The Solinta system gathers its energy from both AC and DC. Its primary energy source, is from the solar DC  but can operate as a standard high efficiency AC water heater as well. This gives it all the flexibility to operate in any conditions and always provide hot water when you need it most.

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