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Solinta S270-M1 PV hot water system
How can the Solinta M1 reduce my energy cost by up to 40%?

The average Domestic Home Energy consumption is 55% power and lights 45% electric hot water. Solinta M1 replaces around 90% of the hot water energy requirement thus reducing your energy cost by 40%.

This will of course vary depending on your energy use profile and whether you are currently using a solar hot water system, heat pump or diverter.

What does induction technology mean?

Induction Coil Heating: (ICH) This is the technology that converters energy into heat it is based on similar electronic principle to the Induction Cook Top. The basic principle of the M1 is that it converters the energy for the Solar PV or the AC grid into a magnetic field to heat water.

How does the system store energy if it has no battery?

The Solinta M1 stores energy via Hot Water. This is because a standard hot water system can only hold a temp of 60C The Solinta M1 can hold a temp of 75C this is a large amount of energy being held by the system.

How does the Solinta M1 give me the low operating cost?

The Solinta M1 has no electrical element to replace and our Induction coil is on the outside of the cylinder which mean it has no contact with the water and an extremely long life. System can heat water via PV Solar input energy range of 40 watts to 2000 watts, as solar energy is a variable power supply the system can convert energy to heat in any weather condition. This is not possible with electric element heaters.

The System will only boost water temperature via the AC power at the time the water is required and when the solar input has been minimal because of weather. This means if you required hot water every day at a set time the system will ensure that the water is available when you require it. This saves unnecessary boosting and a real reduction in running cost.

Does it have solar panels included?  Or what do you recommend?

The Solinta M1 is sold as an individual unit, or in a complete system. You can purchase a combination of a 2+kW solar array and the M1 or a combination system of a 5+ kW solar array, a dual MPPT Grid Inverter and a M1. The standards system is a Grid Connect System and a Solinta M1. This is a combined domestic power and domestic Hot Water System.

As an individual water heating system, a 2.5-3.5 kW solar array is recommended

Can the Solinta M1 be connected as a hot water system without the solar PV connected ?

Yes, the system efficiency is around 10% higher than a standard hot water system, the efficiencies is gain by HP Polyurethane insulation and the reduced heat loss, and the fact that the tank becomes the heating source and increases overall system efficiency

Explain how the system will send excess power into the grid or elsewhere?

The system uses the PV Solar Power first to heat the water and has an inbuilt DC diverter that only allows the Solar energy to pass through the system once the hot water temperature is reached.

Can you explain what is meant by “hybrid ready”?

Hybrid ready mean that the system is suitable to incorporate a Battery Storage system

Can you explain/quantify “new generation induction technology heating system"?

The Induction Coil is patented technology and a first to heat water in domestic Hot Water Storage System

What is the water volume capacity to hold or heat? - Are there different size /volume models?

The unit is a 270 L storage tank, but because the water is heated to 75C and a mixing valve is set for 50C the unit will supply 440L before the tank temp reaches 40C. At this stage, we are only releasing the Solinta M1. The M2 and 370L units are under development now.

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