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Now for the 1st time in Australia you can buy the most efficient & financially effective Solar PV Integrated hot water system Online and have it Delivered to your Home for the incredibly low price of $2,950.00

Check out the advantages offered by the Solinta M1

  • Variable DC Energy Input gives Constant Heat Delivery via Electromagnetic Induction Technology from a minimum of 40 watts up to 2000 watts

  • The M1 has no expensive & economically unviable rooftop plumbing or water movement also no potential freezing issues

  • Solinta M1 has NO moving parts, pumps or compressors prone to noise generation or breakdown

  • No time decay loss in energy efficiency with minimal tank degradation (due to no internal heating elements)

  • M1 needs no complex or costly maintenance, the life of tank is estimated at 15+ years with a 10 year warranty period

  • M1 allows smart integration with all inverters & battery systems & can be installed with existing or new Solar PV system

  • Solinta M1 may be installed in North or South hemispheres, at higher/lower latitudes, in Developing Nations, in residential households or small business premises e.g. anywhere

  • M1 heats water to 75c and stores with minimum loss due to our unique Hi-Pressure Polyurethane insulation

  • Initial water temp of 75c dropped to 41c (-34c) after 203.167 hours (8 days 11 hours 10 minutes) a loss of −0.167°C/hour at ambient 20c

  • M1 management System diverts constant incoming PV energy to either your Grid inverter, a battery storage system or any other suitable DC load to power your home or business premises when the optimum water temp is achieved

  • The M1 stores water in excess of 60c (AU standard) which prevents bacteria /Legionella growth.

Order direct on our web site, no need to waste time in traffic

The installation process is now just as easy, simply follow this link to the Clean Energy Council of Australia site which will show you all licensed /approved installers in your area;

If you have any questions - direct them to the on-site contact or here to

P.S Don`t forget to share with your eco-aware friends & feel free to re-post this online

This is a great offer limited by the number of units in stock now

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