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Solar PV integrated induction hot water heating system with 5 kWh of thermal energy storage.

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Smarter Hot Water Technology

Solinta is an Australian start-up whose founder has developed a unique Solar PV water heating and thermal energy storage system.

Integrating Solar PV modules, induction technology, thermal energy storage, and AI heating cycle algorithms, Solinta delivers the lowest cost water heating available.

When integrated with a new or existing solar PV energy system, Solinta provides the key to reducing the average household’s imported energy by up to 80% per annum.

Designed for independence, Solinta’s versatile design is suitable for all locations, on or off the grid.

Simple Installation

Simple installation, no roof plumbing, no pumps or external sensors. No noise, Simple change-over with your existing system

Fast Performance

The Induction heating is applied to the entire tank,water heating is rapid and efficient. 

Hot Water Security

With two selectable peak water time zones you are always guaranteed hot water when you need it.

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solar dc induction technology

simply smarter hot water


Spend 60 seconds and find discover the features and benefits that the Solinta Hot Water System can provide for you. It will be time well spent.

Solinta is the key to unlock the necessary integration of a solar PV energy system, water heating and thermal energy storage.

This unique PV solar water heating system combines the energy efficient induction heating system, thermal energy storage and an intelligent energy management to provide you with lowest cost hot water heating available. When the Solinta system is installed with a new or existing Solar PV System it will reduce your imported electrical energy by up to 80%

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