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John & Gail: Pambula NSW 2549:   Solinta HWS installed 22/06/2016.

Our Solinta hot water system was installed over two years ago and in that time we have enjoyed continual piping hot water all year round. Although there is only two of us living here permanently we often have many family members come and stay during holiday periods or for family celebrations.

The Solinta Hot water system has never let us down no matter the type of water demands we put on it. The best part of the Solinta is that we have not paid one cent for our hot water in over two years. Yes, that is correct the hot water has run entirely for the solar and we have never used the AC boost and in-fact 12 months ago we were that confident of the Solinta system that we disconnected the ac boost.

Margaret & Steve: Yellow Pinch NSW 2548:   Solinta HWS installed 17/02/2016

We live in Canberra but purchase a retirement property of the Far South Coast. As the property had no excess to the Grid we contacted the local solar supplier and ordered a fully Automatic Off grid system. Whilst discussing the option for the Off-grid Power system we also sort information on what would be the best option for a hassle-free Hot water service. We were surprised to hear that we could have an electric hot water that would work in conjunction to our Off-Grid Power system. This was most pleasing to both my wife and I as we really didn’t want the extra work of having a wood burning type water heater. The Solinta HWS has been in for over two years now and we couldn’t be more delighted. We always have hot water and plenty of it. Its exactly what we were hoping for, as chopping would at our age is no longer an option.

Brian: Cooma NSW 2630:   Solinta HWS installed  20/4/2016

I had an existing 4 kW solar PV systems and was felt I was not getting the benefits that I believed I should. I contacted my Solar supplier and they informed me that because of the low tariff I was being paid for my excess solar and the fact that my power usage was small that I could better use my excess power by installing a Solinta HWS. Since this system has been installed I now use most of the power I produce from my solar. I have reliable hot water all year round and I have no problem of frost or freezing damage which is a constant concern in this cold climate. The installation of the Solinta Hot water system has changed my opinion on the benefits of PV Solar and lowered my electricity bill dramatically. Even on the coldest days my Solinta is always working to provide me with endless hot water.

Wolfgang:  Glen Allen NSW 2631:   Solinta HWS installed 06/06/16

Escaping the city life in retirement my wife and I moved to a remote area on the Monaro High Plains. We started building our home in late 2015 and as the home was coming to completion we need to purchase a power system to run our home. As the grid was not available in our area we consulted the local solar experts and before to long we had a great Solar Off Grid Power System. The system supplies all our power needs and our hot water. This was a great technology break through as we imaged that we would need a thermal solar system and a combustion stove to generate our hot water. Not so, the Solinta Hot water is great. This is a cold climate during the winter months and many days start and finish below zero. We have now enjoyed 2 winters here, and our system has always provided us with an abundant of hot water all year round. This Solinta  hot water is a great invention and allows anyone living remotely to experience the same living standards as our city friends.

Les & Ann: Tura Beach NSW 2548:       Solinta HWS installed 02/11/2017

I have Solar PV for many years and always like to embrace new technology, when getting an upgrade to my current solar system I was recommended to remove my instantaneous gas system and install a Solinta PV hot water system. After listening to the concept on how this product worked, I was fascinated that this technology was designed in our local area and wondered why it had not be invented a long time ago. After installing the system, I was amazed at its performance and we have had an abundance of hot water ever since. I really like the fact that after the water is heated the energy from my solar panels is diverted back to my inverter, so I waste none of my solar modules as they work all day for me. I am proud of my solar power system and am always showing it off and recommending it to anyone that shows an interest in this technology.

Alan: Millingandi NSW 2549:   Solinta HWS installed 10/8/2017

I purchased my Solinta hot water at the same time as I purchase my 5kW solar PV System. The installation was simply and within hours of being installed I had hot water. The first thing I noticed is that the reliability of the hot water, we never run out even in periods of bad weather our hot water is also available. The second thing that surprised us was the dramatic reduction in our electricity bill. The first full cycle of our bill we had a reduction of 60%. This was exactly what we were looking for and combining your hot water with your power system is a simply and effective solution to reliable power and hot water. I recommend Solinta to everybody that wants a complete and effect Solar power System.

Kylie & Peter: Sunshine Bay NSW 2536:   Solinta HWS installed 02/11/2017

We purchased this system on the recommendation of our solar supplier. Not know much about the technology or how it works we were very surprised to see our electricity bill drop quickly from $500-$600 a quarter to $150-$160 a quarter. Over 12 months this is a huge saving and a great relief to have reduced energy bills and reliable hot water. Will recommend Solinta to all our friends and thank our Solar supplier for providing such good advice

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